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Class Descriptions

Body Conditioning is a whole-body workout to improve your overall fitness. Focusing on strength, muscular endurance and fitness conditioning, these classes will help to develop a strong and toned physique.  With a range of exercise techniques and equipment including weights, bands, floor work and body resistance training, you’re guaranteed a varied class that will hit those areas that other workouts miss. 


Boxing Fitness uses adapted boxing movements put into exercise routines that bring many physical and mental health benefits and require you to think, change your posture, and change your position. The moves include a combination of large, sweeping punches (crosses, hooks, uppercuts); smaller punches (jabs); squats (ducks); and short, quick steps forward and back. Fitness boxing is great aerobic exercise which gets your heart pumping and helps lower the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. It can strengthen bones and muscles, burn calories, and lift mood. 


This dynamic mix of aerobic routines and cardio exercises is designed to burn calories, be fun and leave you feeling buzzing. The upbeat tunes and high energy will get your heart pumping.  Benefits may include lowering your blood pressure, strengthening your immune system, improving your sleep and supporting your mental health.


A 15 minute class based on the core muscles, abdominals, back and pelvic muscles.This class is designed to build core muscle groups while improving posture through performing a variety of exercises that strengthen the abdomen and back muscles and increase flexibility. Helps prevent injury, balance posture and make you stronger. 


Using Pilates based exercises combined with functional exercise this 40 minute class focuses on the abdominal, pelvic and back muscles to help tone the core, prevent back pain and improve posture. Stretching exercises are integrated into the class to help improve flexibility and give a balanced feel good workout.


Fitness Yoga is a contemporary approach to stretching and strengthening. It mixes Yoga postures, stretches and balances with Pilates inspired core work and traditional body weight strength exercises. Fitness Yoga concentrates on the physical rather than spiritual aspect using yoga postures that endorse strength and stability and increase flexibility. We flow from one posture to another which challenges the skeletal muscles as you lift and lower the body and hold a posture. It can be adapted to all levels from beginners to those looking for a new fitness challenge. This class will lead to improved strength, flexibility, self-confidence and an ever increasing positive mental attitude.


Slower moving class combining yoga stretches and Pilates exercises to work core strength, improve posture, promote flexibility and build strength. A class to focus both mind and body, leaving you feeling flexible, strong and invigorated. Options to suit all fitness levels.


HIIT is a type of interval training that alternates between intense, short bouts of exercise followed by recovery or low-intensity periods. The idea is to get the heart rate up very high, recover slightly, and then do it again. The exercises can be adapted and the challenge is about each person working to their personal best.

HIIT workouts are cardio-focused, which means they benefit heart and cardiovascular health.

Compared to traditional cardio workouts performed at a steadier effort level and heart rate, HIIT has a lot of benefits improves both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, lowers insulin resistance and improves glucose tolerance, burns calories and can result in fat loss.


HIIT Step is a 30 minute HIIT exercise class, using only body weight and a step.
This workout is designed for full effort bursts of exercise with limited rest, for a short but incredibly effective workout. The exercises in this class can be adapted for all levels and can be adapted to be done on the floor. Pushing yourself to your own personal limit and compl
ete more reps and move faster to continue challenging your fitness with this workout.


Step Fitness has all the benefits of a high-intensity cardio workout without putting stress on your joints. Using an adjustable step platform it improves overall fitness by building strength, reducing fat, and boosting your cardiovascular health. It also burns calories, making it an ideal way to maintain your target body weight and research shows it can boost mood and energy levels.

The step moves mainly target your legs, bums and core, they also improve your balance, coordination, and agility. We then use hand weights to work the upper body to build muscle strength and shape. 

Step aerobics is helpful in managing blood pressure and diabetes. People with osteoporosis or osteopenia can do this low-impact exercise to improve bone strength. 


This whole body workout is designed to develop your full body strength and improve your cardiovascular fitness. Each class includes intervals of strength exercises that you will be coached to do with perfect form and control and cardio exercises to make sure you leave with those post-workout endorphins rushing round your body! This class is designed for all levels and will aid you in seeing progression from your starting point. Adaptions for all exercises can be given.

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